About Nancy


As far back as I can remember, I've always made things, and the impulse to create and express myself artistically has been a constant fixture in my life on some level. Being given up for adoption is something that has really shaped me as a person...initially as a traumatic experience, and now as a part of my story that has likely played a large role in my refuge in artmaking at a young age.

I always felt that I was wired a little differently than others around me, especially in my large family. My imagination has always provided me with an escape and respite from the challenges of being highly empathic and sensitive by nature. Little did I know that I would eventually build a career out of helping people who are struggling by guiding them in using art as an inner resource and tool for coping and self-expression. I celebrate the notion that to live wholeheartedly and creatively is a strength. That to feel deeply, has its challenges but it also means being fully alive!

My creative spirit spurred me on to study fine arts and psychology at university and ultimately to complete graduate degrees in Art Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. Art therapy is very gratifying and sometimes demanding. I love bearing witness to the processes whereby people are courageously examining their lives and becoming more self-accepting/compassionate and able to live life more joyfully. After several years of working in social services, having a family, and the overall general busyness of life, I realized that I want and need more art-making in my daily life. Fortunately, I discovered the benefits of attending art workshops and retreats. I find that making art alongside other like-minded people can be incredibly rewarding and invigorating. I'm grateful to have had the privilege to participate and study around the world in places such as Switzerland, Molokai, Bali, Seattle, Los Angeles, Victoria, Whidbey Island, and Port Townsend. These experiences have ignited my creative spark time and time again! I belong to a vast online community of other creative makers and artists. I love the sense of connection that I have with other artists from all over the world.

Making art is an integral part of my daily life, and I believe that having a regular creative practice is a crucial aspect of maintaining my sense of wonder, mental health and balance. I think that we all have an innate creativity and sometimes/often need more time and encouragement to nurture and grow that part of ourselves. Life happens, and that is often precisely when we need to make art and look at art the most! I hope that you are uplifted by my art.